Carpet Design Trends: What’s New for 2024?

For many years carpet design trends have featured only beige, black and cream carpets to choose from, breaking out of this habit can feel alien to us and the thought of choosing a coloured carpet can be rather daunting.

But 2023 is said to be the year this all changes as carpet companies are already seeing a rise in statement carpets of a colourful and textured nature entering homes throughout the UK.

When we think of statement carpets, it often conjures up images of bright, bold and sometimes garish coloured and patterned carpets, yet this doesn’t have to be the case.

A statement can be made in the home without overdoing it and carpets should be considered as part of making the statement, rather than relying solely on other aspects of the interior.

close-up of panotone colours


Having a coloured carpet instantly creates a distinctive style whilst also making a fashion statement.

Having said this, the colour doesn’t need to be particularly striking or bold, a subtle colour can become just as much of a focal point for any room.


Combining colour with a soft texture is also growing trend for 2016.

A combination of the two not only brings an element of originality to your room but also makes for a popular choice as it hides any marks left behind from the vacuum or any soiled areas and dirt much more easily than a plain, neutral coloured carpet would.


2014 design trends are showing that woven patterns such as leaves and flowers, as well as natural carpets made from materials such as wool and seagrass are popular carpet choices slowly making their way into our homes this year.

So rather than choosing a neutral colour and relying on the rest of your interior such as curtains and sofas to inject some colour and fashion into your home, don’t completely rule out a coloured carpet.

It can be as subtle as you like and textured or patterned to make a unique statement, adding dimension to an otherwise flatter room.

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