Top Tips : Choosing a Carpet for a Child’s Bedroom

It is easy to assume that children and carpets do not go well together.

I’m sure we can all recall a time when we’ve watched, almost in slow motion, a whole glass of red wine being accidentally spilt, or cringed at children running into the living room with their muddy shoes still on.

But the reality is actually quite different. Carpets can be the ideal flooring option for children’s bedrooms for many different reasons – you just need to get a little clued up on knowing what options to go for and what to avoid…

children's bedroom showing bed and colourful decorations

Comfort and warmth

Kids spend a lot of time in their rooms, and for the most part, they are playing on the floor.

A carpet can cushion them, keeping them nice and warm, rather than sitting on a cold and uncomfortable hard floor.

Not only does a carpet provide comfort and warmth, they also absorb sound, dimming any loud noises.

This is ideal for when your child has their friends round to play, as they don’t have to disturb the whole house with their screams and laughter!

Colourful carpets

Rather than opting for your child’s favourite colour – as I’m sure you wouldn’t want to end up with a bright pink carpet! – you need to put your practical head-on and think which colour will hide mucky stains and marks well.

A medium tone will conceal any marks , as will darker shades, however, these will change the feel of the room and may not compliment it as well.

A neutral or tan brown colour tends to blend in with furnishings easier, and if you want to inject a splash of colour, you could always consider placing a large rug in the centre of the floor.

Cut pile and loop pile carpets

Carpets are notorious for trapping dust particles, allergens and even small objects amongst the fibres.

However, cut pile and loop pile are dense, so dust and other things that land on the carpet largely remain on the top surface and can easily be vacuumed away.

So to avoid your child moaning about losing little, intricate parts of their games, and to keep as much dust and pollen out of the room as possible (especially if your child suffers from allergies or asthma), then these two are the best options for your children’s rooms.

Top tip: If your child suffers badly from allergies, then always opt for a tightly woven carpet, such as nylon. The fibres in this carpet actually repel allergens as there is nothing for them to attach on to.

So, if you take the time to consider the best options, there is no reason why your child can’t enjoy the benefits of a cosy carpet in their bedroom- just like you!

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