Emerging Styles in Commercial Flooring

Choosing the right flooring for any commercial environment is an important decision, requiring the consideration of multiple elements before buying.

Most buildings, for example, require durable flooring that can withstand a high level of foot traffic on a daily basis.

Likewise, many commercial businesses including restaurants, hotels, and offices, will want a colourful, stylish flooring that reflects the company’s ethos, and makes a great first impression on guests and clients.


Here at Brent carpets, we’re accustomed to advising our customers on what commercial flooring will suit their needs best. We’ve compiled some of the most recent emerging styles amongst commercial flooring below.

Natural product appearance

An increasingly popular choice across all industry sectors is for more natural appearances in their commercial flooring.

With digital technology now allowing materials to emulate hardwood, stone, and marble, more commercial flooring boasts a natural look with the combined durability and low-cost advantages that the more economic materials possess.

This design is perfect for a range of commercial environments, including hotels, shops, and restaurants, where a high-end look is desirable to impress your customers, but the high traffic of people every day means a durable and hard-wearing surface is essential.

Commerical carpet tile variations

Carpet is always a popular choice for commercial business owners, providing a cost-friendly option that is comfortable, durable, and easy to replace. Emerging trends amongst carpeting includes a mix of styles, colours, shapes in carpet tiles, and patterns.

Many office buildings opt for carpet tiles for commercial flooring due to the ease of installation, and the increasing trend of multiple colours and patterns allows a huge element of creativity to come into play.

Business owners can opt for a style that matches the company colours, providing a vibrant and inviting environment for staff.

Commerical rubber flooring

Heavy duty rubber is perfect for commercial flooring in environments such as kitchens and warehouses, in which any spills must be cleaned up immediately.

Rubber flooring is seen as an efficient and durable choice for many commercial environments, and provides a cost-effective flooring option.

Here at Brent Carpets, we understand the requirements of our clients, and offer a range of commercial carpets to suit many different environments.

Brent Carpets are the leaders in supplying quality carpets for those throughout Hampstead, Mill Hill, Hendon, Stanmore, Central and surrounding London areas, so for more information contact us today, and we’ll be happy to help you.