Woven Vs Tufted – How to Make Your Mind Up

Carpets are a very popular choice for the flooring in your home, adding warmth to the room they are commonplace in bedrooms and living room areas, creating a cosy and comfy setting.

But when it comes to choosing the right carpet for your home, it can be rather tricky to decide. There are two main ways carpets are manufactured; weaving or tufting.

We’re going to discuss the difference between these two carpet types to help you make your mind up which one is right for you and your home, so you can achieve the interior or your dreams.


Woven carpets

Woven carpets have been manufactured worldwide for over 200 years and are a popular, traditional carpet.

Exceptionally robust, the woven carpet can be made either by hand or a machine, but both processes typically use the same method.

Yarn is woven around warps (vertical fibres) and locked to keep in place with horizontal strands.

Generally speaking, they are either made from pure wool, or either 80% wool and 20% nylon.

This blend of the two adds strength and durability to the carpet, making it a fantastic natural carpet that is; resistant to water-based stains, has low flammability, springs back into shape and is easy to clean.

The woven carpet is made with patterns and colours woven into it, rather than just printed on top of the carpet and the colours tend to have much deeper and richer tones.

This premium carpet choice comes in two different types; Axminster and Wilton which both have pile and backing yarn woven together for extra strength and stability.

Traditionally woven carpets are either Axminsters which is patterned, and Wiltons that tend to be plain or cut and loop styles.


Axminster carpets are known for their superb quality and durability, making an excellent carpet for your home. Each piece of yarn is woven with the weft to create this machine-woven carpet, with the most popular styles being the velvet look and a twisted yarn that creates a limited effect of shading.


This high quality carpet can have up to five colours per pattern and is available in a wide range of patterns, with either a looped or cut pile.

Different yarn types can be used to create varying textures on the surface of the carpet.

However, Wilton’s are not always as versatile as Axminster’s but there is no doubt that they are equally both excellent quality woven carpets.


Tufted Carpets

With a reputation for being a sturdy, hardwearing and reliable carpet, the tufted style is very popular carpet and rug option for homeowners.

Clusters of yarn fibres are punched through a material, such as cloth, by a needle to create the tufted look.

Once the fibres are set in place, the carpet is dyed to achieve the desired colour.

Either a single colour or a mix of hues can be used to create the sort of pattern you’d like, whether this is random or specific.

The tufted carpet tends to be used for wall-to-wall carpeting and the final stages include treating with a stain-resistant chemical to help increase the longevity of the carpet life.

Like woven carpets, the tufted carpet is springy so is ideal for those rooms where heavy furniture will be placed in them.

The carpet should spring back to its original form, leaving your carpet undamaged.

So, now you know a bit more about woven and tufted carpets, you can go ahead and make your decision, choosing which carpet will beautifully line the floors in your home!

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