The Different Types of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring remains one of the most popular flooring options on the market, and consistently competes against modern alternatives as floor coverings such as laminate or hardwood.

It’s popularity is largely in thanks to its economical pricing, making it a far more affordable option.

What’s more, advancements in vinyl’s manufacture have improved its ability to mimic more expensive flooring options such as hardwood or stone, whilst maintaining cheaper prices.

Moreover, vinyl is an extremely durable material, resistant to water and day-to-day use.

Options in a range of colours and styles make it an ideal choice for any homeowner wanting to reduce the cost of expensive flooring. We’ve listed the types of vinyl flooring available below.

vinyl flooring in living room

Sheet Vinyl

Sheet vinyl is ideal for larger rooms as it most often comes in rolls measuring 2, 3, or 4 metres wide, which makes it easy to install in a short space of time.

Sheet vinyl is often best fitted by a professional. There are two types of sheet vinyl:

  • Inlaid

Inlaid sheets have a colour that goes through the whole sheet, often giving it a richer colour and a thicker feel.

This option also hides scratches easier as it has a higher durability, however it will cost more upfront to install.

  • Rotogravure

Rotogravure vinyl sheeting is the more economical choice, consisting of a base of foam printed with ink and then covered with a wear layer.

This option often has a wide range of patterns and colours on offer.

Tiled Vinyl

Vinyl tiles are most commonly sold in 12 inches squares with an adhesive backing, making them perfect for smaller rooms and suitable for skilled DIYers.

Tiles provide great options for creating a unique design or pattern, or can also be used to emulate stone or ceramic tiles.

Plank Vinyl/ Luxury Vinyl Tile

Plank vinyl is manufactured in strips that ‘lock’ when fitted to create a seamless finish.

This type of vinyl is the best option for imitating high-end flooring such as hardwood, or stone, as it provides a realistic look, but still remains as a cost-effective flooring option as opposed to the real thing.

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