Tips for Choosing your Office Carpet

  • Choose a durable and stain-resistant commercial carpet to withstand high foot traffic.
  • Set a budget considering quality over price for longevity.
  • Consider carpet tiles for complex office layouts and choose a style that reflects your business ethos.

There are a number of things to consider when purchasing your office carpet, including durability, size, cost, and style.

It’s important to be sure that your carpet will last with the daily wear and tear all offices experience, and that what you choose is best suited to your office’s needs.

Here at Brent Carpets, we’re experienced in advising our customers which commercial carpet suits their requirements. We’ve listed a few things to consider below.

photo of office work space

Foot traffic

If your office gets a high level of foot traffic throughout the day, you should choose a durable and stain resistant commercial carpet.

With many people passing through the office, it’s easy for a low-quality carpet to fade and even be damaged within a short space of time.

Investing a little more in a higher quality material and the strength of the carpet will lengthen its lifetime and keep it looking fresh and new for much longer.

How to budget for an office carpet

Calculate the budget you are willing to spend on your office carpet in order to find styles that fit within your boundaries.

Remember that the more you pay, the better quality you will get – which is important when looking for a carpet that will last.

The cheapest office carpet is by no means always the better option; you should look for quality of materials as well as the price.


The larger and more complex your office layout, the more costly the carpet installation will be.

Carpet fitters will have to cut the carpet to size, which can be complex for large offices with multiple rooms. Consider carpet tiles for more complicated designs, as these are more flexible to place.


It’s important that you’re happy with the finished result when the carpet’s laid, so think carefully about the style you want and how you want your carpet to reflect the business.

A luxurious carpet may be ideal for reception areas where impressing visitors is important, whereas a durable carpet that blends with the colours of the rest of the office is also vital to ensure employees are not distract by clashes.


Here at Brent Carpets, our expert carpet fitters use their knowledge to provide a high-quality service suited to your requirements.  

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