Carpet vs. Flooring

There are lots of factors to consider when you are purchasing new flooring for your property or replacing your existing flooring.

Of course, it can hinge on whether you are looking to sell or whether you want something to match your personality in the decades to come.

Here are some pros and cons for both types of flooring to help you make your mind up:

close-up of carpet


Pro’s: Having been around for a long time now in our homes and offices you can tell that carpets aren’t going to go out of fashion any time soon.

The patterns themselves might date but a simple, plush carpet in a neutral tone will never go out of style.

What’s more comforting that coming home and feeling a soft carpet underfoot?

You get a sense of warmth and comfort with quality carpets that you don’t get with other surfaces.

The sensible thing to do is to decide whether you want a plush, natural fibre for that feeling of luxury, or a firmer, more robust weave to withstand high foot-traffic.

Con’s: The cons of carpets are of course that being a plush and absorbent material it is harder to clean when you are confronted with spillages.

Coffee, wine, fizzy drinks – any liquid which you spill with stain unless you know the right cleaning techniques. Wear and tear on carpets is unavoidable, there are areas of high traffic which you cannot repair, the longer and fluffier the carpet the more worn it will look after a few years.

Having pets is also detrimental to your carpet because over time their hair gets matted into the fibres which will only come away with constant deep cleaning.

If you have a cat or dog which loves to get outside and explore then you can expect them to traipse dirt and moisture in with them – making it all the more expensive to keep clean.

Flooring close up


Pro’s: Rubber or vinyl flooring might not sound appealing but can actually be both stylish and practical.

It is easy to clean and you don’t have to worry about staining as you can easily mop up any spillages – perfect for kitchens, dining rooms or any room for that matter if you don’t like the thought of carpets.

Whereas a carpet might wear over time, its fibres beaten away by countless marching feet, vinyl and rubber flooring can last for decades if looked after properly.

Not having to replace damaged carpets can save you money and the range of styles available in flooring means you can also choose something neutral to last down the ages no matter how much interior fashion changes.

Con’s: The feel of rubber or vinyl flooring underfoot is not as nice as a carpet and with that comes the noise you might create.

In the home, you may not want to hear one another stomping around at all hours of the day, and this is especially annoying for others if you live in a flat or shared accommodation. While it is easier to clean a smoother flooring surface because the liquid or dirt will not get trodden in it also poses the danger of slipping.

A wet surface, left unattended, may not be easy to spot. Even when you have cleaned it you will no doubt have a slippery surface until it dries up completely. In both the home and the office this is dangerous so you have to be vigilant and follow health and safety regulations.

While this kind of flooring will last longer it can often be more expensive initially than a cheap carpet so you need to take stock of your budget and your needs.

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