Carpet Fitting: How to Measure for your New Carpet

Having a new carpet fitted can really freshen up a room, making it feel new and exciting again, but before you go ahead and start planning what colour, style and design you would like, it’s a wise idea to measure the room first so you have an idea of how much carpet you will need when it comes to the fitting.

Measuring for your carpet will also help you to work out an estimate price for how much the carpet will cost you as well.

close up of metal rulers and take measure

We’ve come up with the basic principles for how to measure a room for your carpet so you can have a go yourself before calling in the professional carpet fitters to check it over for you.

Steps to measure for a new carpet

1)      Draw a very simple diagram of each room your new carpet will be going in. If it’s a whole storey of your house then draw a plan for the whole floor. A bird’s eye view diagram is the best way to do this, outlining where all the rooms are, including doors and any awkward areas that need considering such as bay windows. Try and be as accurate as you can in your measurements of the drawing.


2)      Always start by measuring the length of the room first, then the width and round your measurements up to the nearest ½ foot (15.24 centimetres) just to make sure you definitely have enough carpet and won’t be left short.


3)      Once you have taken all your measurements, double check them again. This may seem a tedious job but not only does it ensure that you have taken accurate measurements but it will also help you avoid making any silly mistakes such as writing the wrong measurement against the wrong part of the room. Once you are happy that everything is correct, document these measurements by writing them onto the diagram you have drawn up.


4)      Once you have all the measurements, multiply the length by the width of the carpet. For instance by 4.0m or 5.0m, as most carpets are made to these widths and this will give you the total square measurement that you need.


5)      Once you have your total, make sure you add on between 5-10% on top of the measurement just to be sure you have not left yourself too short on carpet. This is necessary as it accommodates for things such as; seams, waste and other carpet that may be needed to complete the job.


6)      Next, if you divide the square footage by 9 this will give you the total square yards needed.


7)      And finally, if you want to work out the cost of your carpet so will know before placing the order, then simply take your total square yards figure and multiply it by your carpet per square yards.


When it comes to eventually fitting your carpet you must think about the direction of the manufactured pile.

Remember that each section of the carpet you lay down needs to be facing the same way.  Failing to do this will completely alter the finishing look of your new carpet.


Carpet fitting can sometimes be tricky, particularly if you have awkward L shaped rooms or bay windows, and also time-consuming when it comes to taking all the measurements, especially if you want a whole storey of your house fitting with carpet.

The carpet professionals can be there to help make sure you do the job properly and at no extra cost to you, so feel free to give your carpet fitters a call and they’ll be more than happy to arrange a time that’s convenient for you to come and get your carpet professionally fitted.

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